Something absolute

We can never keep

The entrance is sealed

Till we must leave

Lights fade out

But we're still standing here

Playing these games

That we used to beat


First impressions

Second thoughts

All that we have

It is never ours

Buy a clue

Go figure it out

The missing piece

But we'll keep it real



We'll scream


No one can hear

Spelling out

Stuck on repeat


Just take a seat


We'll seek


To feel complete


Our creed

Bound to

Feel free


We'll use the lies

That clear our souls

Dig through the dirt

To find our way home

Against the wall

My fist it bleeds

Beyond the fence

We'll keep our ghosts


△  △  △   




Through your eyes

Dawn begins

Worlds connect

Start living


The ocean sleeps

Between our homes

I am sold

I give in

I cross the line

For just a glimpse

Of things to come

To make things real


Through your eyes

Dawn begins

Worlds connect

Start living


Blame my curse

A tool to live

To feel forsaken

When you're missed

Safe and sound

Find a way out

Stuck half way

The game has changed


All I have

Is what I see

Scars complete

My human skin


Shadows leave

I pay the price

I belong here


The air I breathe

It's winter still

Trace my path

This empty page


  ♯  ♯  ♯




Who am I, where am I?


Screaming for help

Will I ever get your attention?

Knock knock, who's there?

What big teeth you have


A pale skin, between the snowflakes

I don't know who I am

Until I finally met you

Chased by sunlight

Too late for looking back

Waiting for a sign

A trail of bread crumbs

Moving in circles

Behind the door

Hides the truth

Feed the monster


There's nothing left

These eyes won't betray

Conceal these wounds

Under our skins

Lost in this maze

We'll find ourselves

Remove our chains

To unlock the right door


Stuck in this cage

For far too long

A kinder heart

That once fooled me


✖   ✖   ✖





One thousand yesterdays

Your eyes

Stole my peace of mind

I'm possessed

By artificial purity

A shelter

To live and die


To express how I feel

We talk in riddles

Press repeat

Figure out

It's never enough

How I need

This sleeping pill



Betrays the blast is near

Rain falls

As if to cast us away

Hate as

A sign of affection


Until the very next day


Time forgets

How I missed you


The needles in my chest


Staring back at me

Turn it off

See if I care


Trading seats

Call it karma

Keep pretending

Live a lie

Swift decisions

A blessing in disguise

I'll see it when

I'll believe it


▽ ▽ ▽



photo credit : Sentaro - FiLMZERO